« IDEA Strategies, a personalized approach to reach your full potential »

Michel Bisson, Founder of IDEA Strategies

IDEA Strategies is a dedicated team with your goals at heart

We believe that a company is only as strong as its weakest link. The services we offer are therefore built around your strengths and designed to improve critical issues, with an aim of reaching and surpassing your goals.

What makes IDEA Strategies different

Unlike other consulting firms that come to the table with a ready-made formula, the IDEA Strategies team develops tailored processes to maximize your production and profitability. The philosophy behind our approach focuses on three main areas:


Process customization

Since no two companies are the same, we develop strategies designed and adapted for your specific situation and issues.

Active participation of company members

Despite our vast experience, you are the real expert of your situation. That’s why we value cooperation and teamwork between our advisors and your employees (executives, board of directors, managers, etc.).


Effective knowledge transfer

 Our specialists take the time necessary to train you to efficiently use the tools and data we provide in a self-sufficient manner.


« Thanks to the involvement of Michel and the IDEA Strategies team, the Hachem team has improved its strategic and operational management skills in all our departments. The methods and tools used to achieve these results are now part of our daily lives.»

Amine Hachem,

President, Hachem


« … my collaboration with Michel has made it possible to put clear and relevant information in place for the control and improvement of our operations. This information goes beyond simple financial statements and ensures that the management team remains focused on the strategic and operational plan we have developed. »

Grace Kelly,

CA. Accounting Manager, Hachem

Biofilia inc.

« The IDEA Strategies team provided us with a powerful tool for analyzing our profitability by project and by customer. We can now easily make the decisions required to optimize our company performance.” »

Jean-Sébastien Bernier,

Vice-President, Biofilia inc.

Baril Design inc.

«The practical approach taken by IDEA Strategies has enabled our team to improve their practices and become familiar with tools that make us more effective in our daily work. »

Marie-Eve Baril,

CEO, Baril Design inc.

BGR informatique inc.

«With its friendly but structured approach, the IDEA Strategies team was able to quickly grasp the key issues of our project and help us establish the optimal value proposition for our product.»

Martin Rodrigue,

CEO, BGR informatique inc.

Neurogym Tonic Inc.

« Thanks to the application of the measures and advice provided by Michel, we were able to develop a strategic plan that enabled us to take a step back in order to leverage our strengths and reinforce our long-term competitive advantage. »

Cindy Boiteau et Grégoire Garneau,

Associates, Neurogym Tonic Inc.

Ébénisterie Élégance inc.

« Michel’s extensive experience and expertise have enabled him to easily identify my entrepreneurial concerns. With his help, I was able to pinpoint my personal goals and those of my company, as well as clearly identify the steps I needed to take to reach them. »

André Lachance,

President, Ébénisterie Élégance inc.

A multidisciplinary and versatile approach

IDEA Strategies emphasizes a versatile expertise that allows us to develop in-depth measures according to the internal structure of your company. As such, we have the ability to offer you a full range of consulting and coaching services.

IDEA Strategies,
coaching for goal achievement

Founded by an entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs, IDEA Strategies will be your partner and support you in problem-solving and goal achievement. We are catalysts and facilitators: the key to your success lies in your strengths. Our team helps you put your strengths to work for your company.