Digital coaching and industry 4.0

The key to designing the most effective business strategy can be found within the access, collection and organization of relevant and quality information. The processes put forward by IDEA Strategies are part of this tactical vision of industrial development. Our services will enable you to improve your strength and weakness analysis and, consequently, optimize your operational performance. Learn how the Industry 4.0 approach can help you maximize your return and give you a competitive edge.

Industry 4.0, or the use of digital to improve performance

The name Industry 4.0 may seem unclear, but it is a relatively simple concept. It is about taking advantage of digital means and intelligent system connectivity to maximize the functioning of your business and your production chain.

Access to a wealth of data

Changing your business to Industry 4.0 requires that your organization be “intelligent” and learning, that your chain of operations be interconnected at all stages and that it can provide you with targeted information. But that’s not all. A company in the digital age must take into consideration the interrelationship between different departments as well as with the outside world. The decompartmentalizing of data and the production of key information for your various services will allow you to develop a winning strategy and synchronize your company to optimize its potential.
This wealth of cloud data can be used to maximize your production potential. But how do you turn this wealth of data into useful information that simplifies your day-to-day management? The answer to this question is where the IDEA Strategy team’s work really begins.

Industry 4.0: how to effectively use this datat

To separate the wheat from the chaff, with respect to the information provided, and to help improve your business performance and management, a three-step filtering needs to be performed.


Determining the key information your business requires

First, you will need to account for the content of the information that your company requires to optimize its operations. This data is crucial for the throughput of your production chain, the various inventory management figures, the target market and potential customers, etc. In short, you have to know what you are looking for, it’s that simple.


Sorting the data

In a second step, the data received must be sorted. We focus on a two-step division of the information provided by the interconnection of your different operation branches. On the one hand, strategic information that is useful for understanding the economic environment and indicating the positioning required to promote the company’s short and medium-term development. On the other hand, operational information that can be actively integrated into the company’s resource development.


Establishing information revisions and action plans

In a third step, the long-term implementation of Industry 4.0 requires systematic revision of data and strategies. In order for your company to respond to ever-changing issues, you will need to continually renew your strategic plan and tactical direction.

Industry 4.0: a major strategic advantage

Industry 4.0 is expected to become a crucial facet of industrial strategies over the next few years. To avoid lagging behind, it is important to start your shift to Industry 4.0 mindsetright now.
The IDEA Strategies team is committed to supporting you in this evolution and transferring the knowledge needed to properly asses this new data to your employees. For more details about our approach or to ask about our services, contact our advisors!