Operational efficiency

Behind any business with positive profitability, you will find well-coordinated organizational structures. To proactively cope with everyday contingencies, having systematic internal logistics is imperative. In effect, incidents and events beyond our control can easily become overwhelming. These situations inevitably lead to a sense of urgency, panic, even chaos, and can significantly affect a company’s profitability. In this stressful state, it is difficult to focus on the systemic or strategic issues you are confronted with.

Contacting IDEA Strategies is recommended in these particular situations. Our team of professionals works to restore a high level of operational efficiency within your company. Whether the issues are in your logistics, distribution or manufacturing department, we will help you find the different approaches and strategies to implement in your company.

The three targets of operational efficiency

Whether for lean manufacturing, quality assurance or manufacturing agility, all the tools that are put forward by IDEA Strategies focus on three strategic areas. These make up part of our philosophy and, more broadly, our approach to corporate coaching.


First area:
efficient planning

To lay the foundations of operational effectiveness, efficient planning tactics must be developed. In this area, our approach is organized in several stages. The first is understanding your current situation. The second is establishing clear and achievable goals. This step is carried out in collaboration with you and your employees, since you are the true experts of your company. Subsequently, we will analyze the discrepancies between these projections and actual results. This analysis makes it possible to establish a list of actions to prioritize in order to resolve the situation. This list will serve as a strategy and plan for your company’s operational guidelines.


Second area:

A strategy by itself is not enough; you must also know how to execute it. As such, much of our work revolves around knowledge transfer and coaching. In effect, we will train you, your employees and your executives in applying the tools and approaches we have used together to improve your situation. This will result in an organized environment and proactive leadership. 


Third area:
periodic and constant monitoring

The third area is rooted in the spirit of continuity: now that your company has an effective organizational management, it must be repeated over the long-term. This is why we rely on continuous monitoring of the situation. For this purpose, we provide you with key indicators that will show your company and market trends. You can then develop new strategies and review your priorities

IDEA Strategies: your partner for optimized operations

One of the difficulties of organizational effectiveness is facing multiple urgencies while developing tools to protect against their recurrence. Developing strategies to contain surface-level problems is often easier than determining their structural causes. IDEA Strategies can help you isolate the main obstacles of the deeper issues and offer you a method and tools to optimize your business operations.

For more information on how we can increase your performance, don’t hesitate to contact our team!