Service company coaching

To stay ahead of the competition in the service industry, the most efficient internal functioning is necessary. As a general rule, growth and the addition of new resources are forcing companies to take a more structured approach and increase control over their day-to-day operations. Gaps in these areas or overly rigid methods will inevitably lead to problems with profitability and asset management. These organizational weaknesses quickly become an obstacle to growth and performance for a developing company.

Every project you participate in involves risks and it is essential for your company’s health that your management processes are optimized to deal with contingencies. The IDEA Strategies team is committed to partnering with you in your quest for success by offering methods and tools for optimization and return maximization.

Service industry: signs of flawed operational management

Companies offering any kind of professional services face many difficulties when they lack effective management methods. Certain symptoms stem from organizational deficiencies, which should be overcome as quickly as possible.
Whether overall profitability is lower than expected, large variations are present in the profitability of company projects, you have a lack of liquidity or deadlines are not being met, these are all signs that significant improvements can be made.

Correcting the situation

Calling on the IDEA Strategies team will allow you to first respond to urgent and priority situations, i.e. the symptoms mentioned above, and, secondly, to take the shortcomings of your management tools and practices into account. We will help you correct the situation and implement the most effective contingency management and work methods.

The IDEA Strategies approach:
designed for service companies

The IDEA Strategies approach allows us to develop strategies that are specially designed for service companies. Here is how we operate.


Identifying urgent problems: the importance of an efficient profitability estimation method

One of the most critical factors for a service company is making a realistic estimate of a project’s cost and objectives. It is therefore difficult to be profitable when the projected financial statements are not prepared correctly. This is why we analyze your company and helps you develop a consistent and accurate estimation method. You will then be able to measure the performance of your services and project execution in real-time and, ultimately, ensure your overall profitability.
With an in-depth study of your company, you can easily point us towards the different problems that you consider as priorities. While working on these pitfalls, we will seek to uncover their underlying systemic causes.


Correcting fundamental problems and tool sharing

The  IDEA Strategies team is comprised of experienced professionals and collaborators. We have the ability to develop customized management methods for your company and your employees in collaboration with you. We implement simple control tools (KPIs) that are adapted to your needs. In addition, we ensure effective knowledge sharing with your employees. One of the main targets of our approach is empowering self-sufficiency for the processes we put in place. This means that you will be able to understand and use the tools put in place, while having the ability to independently find solutions and deal with the unexpected.

The IDEA Strategies approach:
for long-term results

Our practices are part of a vision of long-term benefits. We will work with you to integrate effective business practices into your day-to-day activities to ensure the profitability of your business. We focus on efficient project management and operational optimization methods.

In addition, your profits are kept constant by making sure that two key values are parts of your cultural culture to maximize your returns. The first is based on excellence and customer satisfaction, while the second focuses on identifying core problems and teamwork.


With IDEA Strategies, success requires effective management

A company’s internal management guarantees its success and profitability. The IDEA Strategies team works from this perspective with various companies to ensure their effectiveness. Consult the case study for one of our clients to see our approach at work.
As a partner in optimizing your operations, we want to find solutions to your problems. If you would like more information about our approaches, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our advisors.