The IDEA Strategies approach

The IDEA Strategies team puts forward a method that differs from that of its competitors. Essentially, most consulting firms have a pre-established formula and try to get your company to conform to it. After a few days and a few thousand dollars in pocket, they leave. Two problems arise from this practice.

First, the strategies these firms put in place do not take your company’s specific strengths and weaknesses into account, making them ineffective. Second, despite their action plan, you are no better equipped to maximize your return over the long-term. In effect, the transfer and assimilation of actual skills remains limited.

At IDEA Strategies, we operate much differently. Our working approach is structured around four main areas that enable your company to maximize its return and optimize your operations.


Personalized solutions

There is no magic formula for increasing a company’s performance. Since each company is unique and faces its own specific challenges, the first area of concern for IDEA Strategies is offering tailored solutions and improvements. The first step of any strategy is identifying urgent and fundamental, systemic issues. To accomplish this, we will make your data speak speak up and show you how to listen (MB: to them)!

Essentially, by choosing the relevant financial and operational indicators, we will obtain a better overview of your situation, the issues within it and its progression. This will allow us to propose appropriate solutions and procedures to solve your issues.

Permanent improvements, continuous effort

The second area targeted by IDEA Strategies is the sustainability of results and procedures. Solving a problem in the short-term is good, but we don’t want it to return! We focus our efforts on transferring knowledge to your employees so that they can independently analyze and understand the various indicators and put effective measures in place. Your team’s use of problem-solving tools will help establish a culture of continuous improvement and constant effort, a vital prerequisite for lasting benefits!


A special feature of our approach is that it operates within a context of team effort. We can help you maximize your profitability, however, you alone are the expert of your business. This is why we work with you, your management and your employees to implement the best operational practices. During the mandate, IDEA Strategies integrates as an additional member of your team to help you reinforce and strengthen certain elements within your company.

Whether engaged in knowledge transfer, coaching, mentoring or improving communication between various departments, we make every effort to involve the members of your company. People invested in the process will have their expertise increased and their role clarified.


Taking charge of tools

Our fourth area focuses on taking control of the tools we have shared with you. We will help you develop skills in determining and analyzing the indicators required to guide your industrial decision-making.

Whether it’s lean manufacturing, financial analysis or problem-solving, we want to provide you with concrete and effective methods to optimize your work environment. You will have the opportunity to take charge of these tools, so you can use them after our departure and enjoy the lasting benefits they provide.

IDEA Strategies: your partner for every industry

The approach we advocate adapts to all industries, whether you are in manufacturing, import and distribution, construction, or services. If you are ready to put in the required effort, the expertise of the IDEA Strategies team and our collaborators will help you reach new heights. Contact our advisors to schedule an appointment today so that we can discuss your issues and better understand how we can help you.