Our team

What differentiates IDEA Strategies from its competitors is the passion that our team expresses for their work. Behind our expertise, you will find enthusiastic people to support you in achieving your goals. Whether through our coaching and mentoring services, optimizing the different stages of your day-to-day operations or understanding and analyzing your financial information, you have the guarantee of an efficient partnership focused on improving your profitability.

Our only mission is to help you reach your full potential. IDEA Strategies is a team of seasoned collaborators who have many years of experience and are equipped to help you overcome all obstacles.

Michel Bisson, Eng., M.Sc.a. : President IDEA Strategies Inc.
Coach and Senior Consultant, Business Strategies and Tactics

Engineer, with a Master’s in Science and an MBA, Michel Bisson has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing, innovation, importing and market development at both nationally and internationally. He is the inventor of numerous patented and successfully commercialized products. As CEO of company for nearly 20 years he possesses extensive practical experience as DG, in QA and operational efficiency.

Mélanie Lavallée, B.A.A., MBA : Senior Consultant, Business Strategies and Tactics

Having collaborated with small and medium businesses for more than 15 years, Mrs. Lavallée is well aware of the challenges faced by these companies. Mrs. Lavallée specializes in implementation and analysis of operational indicators as well as of the subsequent strategies and action plans. Her dynamic approach permits the establishing of concrete and long-term solutions.

Dominic L’Héreault: Process Optimization, Management and CommunicationTools

With more than 15 years of experience in process optimization in the IT and management fields Mr. L’Héreault now specializes in the implementation of IT, communication and management tools. His clear and concrete approach allows directors and managers of the companies he works with to take quick ownership of the tolls presented to them as well as to integrate them efficiently in the daily management of the firm.

Catherine Gauthier: Consultant, Office Process Optimization

With university degree in accounting and her extensive experience in a number of companies, Mrs. Gauthier specializes in the integration of management tools as well as in the delivery of the training in their effective use. Her clear and empathetic approach allows for the rapid transfer and retention of these skills.

Associate partner network

In order to help you succeed, IDEA Strategies regularly contracts specialists to strengthen its team of experts. This partner network allows us to offer you all the resources you need to solve the problems you have encountered.

The versatility and breadth of our professional collaborations contribute to helping you in a multitude of fields, according to your needs at strategic and operational levels:

  • Data analysis with Excel and Access software;
  • SQL database;
  • Production support: temporary production supervisor and planner;
  • Positioning – Web marketing;
  • Translation.

IDEA Strategies: a team with your interests at heart

IDEA Strategies is proud to be able to count on collaborators who have a single and common goal: to help you solve your problems and permanently improve your company. No matter what industry you are in – whether you are an importer, a manufacturing company, in the construction sector or a service provider – we will be able to work with you to overcome the obstacles in your way and leave you better equipped for the future. We offer a range of coaching and management support services that will help you achieve optimal performance.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our range of services and how we can help you.