Strategic planning

Good strategic planning helps provide a clear direction for the growth of your business. It is an essential element for ensuring that both your goals and market demands are met. Successful entrepreneurial development must necessarily involve this planning stage, without which your efforts become weakened by a lack of leadership and guidance.

The conclusions resulting from our joint work will answer many questions that will help you develop the right product-service, with the right customers at the right prices. For example:

  • Which products will be in demand in 3 to 5 years?
  • Will the range of products be cost-effective?
  • Which product lines should I eliminate, which ones should be promoted?
  • What will attract profitable customers?
  • What skills are lacking in your organization to excel with products and services, today and in the future?

How do we get there?
By collecting reliable data! 

In order to carry out your company’s strategic planning, the IDEA Strategies consulting team needs to obtain various information and data about the functioning of your operations. As such, we will take the time to discuss and determine your needs and expectations. Together, we can then discern and develop an approach for the years to come.


Identifying strategic issues and internal tactics

As a first step, we will identify the strategic and tactical issues within the company. For strategic issues, we want to identify what motivates the company as an entity; in short, what keeps it moving forward. For internal tactics, we look at the opposite. We want to determine the operational limitations and constraints that hold your company back and decrease its effectiveness.


Reviewing business profitability

In the following step, we review your business profitability. We will catalogue your products, customers and contracts to analyze them in terms of profitability. This will reveal what elements, or which audience, our efforts will need to be concentrated on in the coming years. We will then be able to determine your company’s break-even point and the most profitable strategy.


Competition and trends

In a third phase, the nature of your competition provides more crucial information for developing an effective business strategy. Learning more about your competitors will supply good indicators on market trends and challenges in your field.


Defining the goals

Finally, and this is an important part of strategic planning, it will be necessary to define the goals of the company, the entrepreneur and the shareholders.

Strategic business planning: teamwork

As you can see, strategic business planning requires a thorough understanding and analysis of everything surrounding your company’s operations. That is why it is so important that we work together as a team to determine the best strategic direction to take. This is one of the crucial components of our  approach.

IDEA Strategies,
a custom consulting service

IDEA Strategies wants to help you develop an effective strategy that best represents your business. As a consulting firm that specializes in coaching, we are your partner in achieving the optimal results you want. For more information on our approach, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can then begin to develop approaches that meet your specific needs and objectives together.