Import and distribution sector coaching

The import and distribution sector is constantly changing. The effects of globalization and free trade agreements of the last three decades have helped transform the industry, and the changes are far from over!

With the continuous growth of import flows and distribution area scope, the door has been opened for many companies to develop. Because they operate on a vast territory – all across the globe – their operations never sleep, so to speak. Entrepreneurs in this sector can easily face problems arising from an overabundance of decision-making and operational divisions. IDEA Strategies is the partner of choice in problem-solving, optimizing operations and maximizing import and distribution industry performance.

The import and distribution sector: characteristics and problems

Import and distribution companies often face many organizational and structural problems that undermine their effectiveness and efficiency.

These companies face challenges related to product quality, customer satisfaction or poor inventory management (too high or out of stock). These issues jeopardize the successful execution of the import and distribution cycle.

IDEA Strategies: international experience

Our team has extensive import and distribution experience on 3 continents (Asia, South America, Europe). Our experts will be able to help you identify the weakest links in your supply and sales cycle and put the necessary corrective measures and control tests in place to differentiate you from your competitors.

The IDEA Strategies approach: for long-term results

The IDEA Strategies team is committed to providing you with solutions and implementing organizational structures that lead to concrete results with long-term sustainability. Our approach is inspired by cooperative work between you, your employees and our team.


In the short term

As a first step, we will identify your short-term priorities – the symptoms we mentioned above. We correct the most pressing problems to help you see more clearly. Simultaneously, we search for the more fundamental underlying issues that are the cause of these different symptoms.

In a second phase, once the urgent situations are under control, we tackle systemic problems. To do this, we will collaborate to set up simple and customized control tools (KPIs) that your team will be trained to use. Using these management and problem-solving tools will maximize the profitability of your business.



Long-term benefits

In the longer term, we actively work to integrate the business reflexes that are essential for a successful operation into your daily practices, that is to say:

  • Lean manufacturing – thinking
  • Quality control and assurance;
  • Procurement optimization;
  • Product development;
  • Customer service management;

This will allow us to strengthen two components of your corporate culture. The first component is the pursuit of continuous improvement, which is based on excellence and customer satisfaction. The second is the identification of fundamental problems and their resolution through efficient and organic teamwork.

Contact us to find solutions to your problems

IDEA Strategies wants to work side by side with you to enable your company to restore its organizational health and perform at its full potential. Our team’s approach has proven its worth on several occasions. To see it at work, consult the case study for one of our import and distribution clients.

If the challenges presented raise a concern for you, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can develop  together strategies that meet your needs.