Who are we?

IDEA Strategies offers professional consulting services for all industry types. The methods we recommend form part of a reflection geared towards the human-oriented qualities hidden behind any company. We deploy tools and processes to maximize your effectiveness based on your strengths and weaknesses.

The IDEA Strategies mission

Our mission is to ensure your operational optimization. We specifically work on three elements: business profitability, cash flow management and controlled growth.
We establish optimization strategies for your operations according to these three areas of development. We will help you reach new heights, bringing your motivation and competencies to their peak.

IDEA Strategies, founded by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs

For IDEA Strategies, everything goes through the entrepreneur and their team.The philosophy we espouse is strongly influenced by the experience of our team and, in particular, IDEA Strategies founder Michel Bisson. As a result, the services offered by IDEA Strategies take place from the ground up, integrated within a design oriented towards individual improvement of key positions. The purpose of our activities is to make you, as a company, as well as an administrator, reach your full potential for production and returns.

IDEA Strategies: knowledge transfer for optimized efficiency

We proceed in a catalyst manner. Essentially, we integrate into your daily operations and provide the extra effort required to solve important problems. While the goal of some firms is to maintain dependency, at IDEA Strategies we aim for something else: genuine knowledge transfer.
By empowering you and your employees, your business can attain peak performance. Only after ensuring the proper integration of systems and working methods we have established together can we say our job is done.
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