Manufacturing business coaching

In recent years, the manufacturing industry has faced major challenges. Whether logistics, the integration of new technologies or the lack of skilled employees, the barriers faced by companies in this sector can have a significant impact on their performance.

For an SME owner, the abundance of issues can lead to a complete disruption of activities and decision-making processes. The IDEA Strategies team works with you to help define your priorities, overcome the administrative, economic and logistical pitfalls and set up management tools and practices that will maximize your returns.

Manufacturing industry: characteristics and problems

Manufacturing is one of the largest sectors of the Quebec economy. Despite the difficulties encountered, the majority of companies are growing steadily. However, the rapid evolution of the production domain creates problems that, if left untreated, accumulate and affect the company’s productivity.
Several kinds of problems can be encountered and affect all branches of the company. Inefficient or inadequate logistical infrastructure leads to problems with product quality, customer dissatisfaction and inventory management.

IDEA Strategies:
personalized short and long-term results

At IDEA Strategies, our work philosophy is centered around integrating our management tools and practices into your daily operations. When you call on our team, you will have short-term solutions to deal with urgencies, as well as the ability to apply logistical and organizational procedures to maximize your long-term performance.


Solutions for urgent issues

The first step in our involvement is identifying your short-term priorities. This is a matter of determining what your immediate problems are and offering solutions to put you at ease in your operations.

Together, we will analyze your production processes. We will uncover the fundamental pitfalls that give rise to the various symptoms that we have just regulated. Subsequently, as a second step, we can tackle the resolution of these crucial problems. From this perspective, we will work with you and your employees to implement easy-to-use and personalized control tools (KPIs) that will be used to optimize and increase your company’s performance.



Long-term benefits

These control tools will allow us to develop business processes and procedures that we can integrate into the different operational branches of the manufacturing cycle. IDEA Strategies wants to work with you to incorporate two elements into your corporate culture. First, we want to create a culture of continuous improvement based on excellence and customer satisfaction. Second, we want to instill a philosophy of fundamental problem identification based on teamwork.

Here are some examples of essential practices for your company:

  • Lean manufacturing;
  • Quality control and assurance;
  • Procurement optimization;
  • Product development;
  • Customer service management;

Contact us to find solutions to your problems

IDEA Strategies is your partner in helping maximize your productivity and long-term performance. Moreover, we want to restore your organizational health, one of the essential elements for entrepreneurial longevity. To see our approach at work and in detail, consult the case study for one of our manufacturing clients.
If you recognize issues that are blocking your manufacturing business progress, don’t hesitate to contact us so that together we can develop strategies that meet your needs.