Construction business coaching

Businesses that operate in the field of construction face unique challenges. The environment is highly competitive and projects are often long-term and involve many risks, whether logistical or material. A company must master many facets to succeed, including accurate estimation, effective execution, and proactive contingency management. These elements are essential to ensuring the financial health of a construction company.

IDEA Strategies provides companies in the construction sector with performance and business process optimization services as well as strategy development that maximizes profits.

Construction sector: main symptoms of underdeveloped management tools

A construction company that lacks effective management tools and systems will see profitability and performance upset by overall results that fall below expectations. Moreover, a lack of workforce coordination will be felt by missed deadlines, a chronic lack of resources, etc.
IDEA Strategies can assist you throughout your business cycle, from the initial quotation up to the end of the contract. We will focus on your priorities and the weaknesses identified over the course of our work together.

IDEA Strategies coaching approach for construction companies

When you call on IDEA Strategies, you retain the services of an experienced team with an approach that has been developed based on knowledge sharing and the active participation of the entrepreneur. For companies operating in the construction industry, we have a 4-point plan.


Construction project profitability: performance estimation and measurement

One of the first difficulties encountered by construction companies is project profitability analysis. This is why we work together to develop a consistent and precise estimation method that will allow you to understand a project’s profitability. This will also enable you to measure the real-time performance of a project and determine your customer profitability.


Ensuring the overall profitability of the company

As a second step, we will collaborate to build a clear model of the mark-up required for your business to be profitable. This is what we refer to as determining the break-even point.


Identifying fundamental issues

In a third phase, while working on the points that you have identified as priorities, we will determine the more fundamental elements that are restricting your company’s development. Once the urgent problems have been resolved, these situations will be tackled.


Implementing control tools

Finally, in order to ensure the smooth functioning of operations, we will set up simple and customized control tools for your company, while showing you how to use them. You will then be able to identify the information needed to guide your business and ultimately increase its profitability.

Long-term benefits

Once our work is completed, your company will enjoy numerous benefits. First, business reflexes and practices that are essential to your organization’s profitability will be integrated into your day-to-day activities. Whether for efficient project management, process standardization and improvement or operational efficiency optimization, you will be well-equipped to soar to new heights. Moreover, establishing a culture of continuous improvement and problem-solving based on teamwork will enable you to continue optimizing your operations independently.

Contact us to find solutions to your problem

If your construction business fails to meet its stated objectives, there is a strong possibility that you have operational management issues. Our approach has been developed to guide you to the specific solutions that meet your needs, as demonstrated in a case study for one of our construction sector clients.
To determine and solve problems that are blocking your progress, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we will ask the right questions and find the right answers for your situation.